Professor Louise Dye

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Professor Louise Dye.Email:

Research profile and key clinical specialties

I am a Chartered Health Psychologist, Professor of Nutrition and Behaviour and Academic Lead for Diet and Health in the Global Food and Environment Institute, which spans dietary and planetary aspects of human and animal health and links to mental and physical health.

My research examines the effect of diet on physical, mental and cognitive health across the lifespan from increasing cognitive function in children via consumption of breakfast/functional ingredients to preventing cognitive decline in the elderly and maintaining independence.

Using diet to attenuate stress in altered metabolic states, for example, breakfast/functional response in lab and free-living studies and evidence synthesis via systematic reviews, are areas where I could offer supervision.

Two key publications

  • Dye, L; Boyle, NB; Champ, C; Lawton, C (2018) The Relationship between Obesity and Cognitive Health and Decline. Proc Nutr Soc 76 (4), 443-454.
  • Boyle NB, Billington J, Lawton CL and Dye L (2021) A Combination of Green Tea, Rhodiola, Magnesium and B Vitamins modulates brain activity and protects against the Effects of Social Stress in Healthy Volunteers Nutritional Neuroscience

Possible PhD projects

  • Effect of diet on physical/ mental/cognitive health in health and disease
  • Impact of food insecurity on physical and mental health

More information

25 PhD and 10 DClinPsy students supervised to date. 6 current PhD students.


Keywords: Obesity, cognitive, cognitive function, cognitive decline, health, nutrition, global food, dietary, metabolic, breakfast/functional, mental health Dye, Louise, Leeds