Professor Maisoon Al-Jawad

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Professor Maisoon Al-Jawad.Email:

Research profile

My research interests include understanding hard tissue structures at multiple length-scales; interactions at protein-mineral interfaces; and physico-chemical processes and spatial and temporal structural changes occurring during skeletal tissue biomineralisation to enable translation of oral and musculoskeletal sciences to innovative clinical applications.

Two key publications

  • Deng X, Hasan A, El-Sharkawy S, Tejeda-Montes E, Tarakina NV, Greco G, Nikulina E, Stormonth-Darling JM, Convery N, Rodriguez-Cabello JC, Boyde A, Gadegaard N, Pugno NM, Al-Jawad M and Mata A. Topographically guided hierarchical mineralization. Mater Today Bio 9;11:100119. doi: 10.1016/j.mtbio.2021.100119 (2021)
  • Al-Mosawi M, Davis GR, Bushby A, Montgomery J, Beaumont J, Al-Jawad M. Crystallographic texture and mineral concentration quantification of developing and mature human incisal enamel. Scientific Reports 8 14449 (2018).

Possible PhD projects

  • Soft matter to grow hard tissues: the role of biological macromolecules in mammalian biomineralisation
  • Understanding and Mimicking natural tooth development for Regenerative and Reparative Dentistry
  • A 3D in vitro model of dental hard tissue interfaces

More information


Keywords: tissue structure, protein-mineral interface, biomineralization, incisal enamel, Maisoon, Al-Jawad, Leeds