An exceptional programme led by four of the UK’s top universities

The Wellcome Trust has awarded £5M over the next five years to allow the Universities of Manchester, Leeds, Newcastle and Sheffield to combine their strengths in biomedical and health research and create the 4ward North Clinical PhD Academy.

The Academy, in collaboration with The Francis Crick Institute in London, will:

  • award and oversee 25 Wellcome Trust fellowships to allow the best clinical trainees from around the UK undertake a PhD.
  • provide support for a far larger number of fellows through applications to the MRC and other research funders.
  • provide additional bursaries and awards to help the next generation of clinician researchers make the all-important transition to a successful postdoctoral research career.

Key Dates

Deadline for stage 1 applications: 11th November 2020

Stage 1 outcomes commutated (and Stage 2 opens): 27th November 2020

Event for new Academy Members: w/c 7th December 2020

Deadline for stage 2 applications: 12th February 2021

Stage 2 outcomes communicated: w/c 15th March 2021

Interviews: w/c 26th April 2021

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