Dr David Lewis-Smith

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Dr David Lewis-Smith.Overview

Dr David Lewis-Smith’s PhD fellowship focusses on the computational analysis of epilepsy phenotypes in Epi25 (> 12,000 individuals with epilepsy and whole exome data) and the UK Biobank.

He aims to discover clinical and genetic biomarkers that will improve clinico-molecular classification and prognostication of epilepsies with the ultimate aim of improving treatment for people with epilepsy.

He has led the ILAE Epilepsiome Task Force’s revision of the Human Phenotype Ontology in collaboration with Prof. Peter Robinson (Jackson Lab, Connecticut) and contributes to the ILAE SNOMED CT Task Force to improve the conceptual modelling of epilepsy phenotypic data in clinical and research pipelines.

He is supervised by Dr Rhys H. Thomas, Dr Ingo Helbig, Prof. Heather Cordell, and Prof. Marcus Kaiser.

Key collaborators 

Specialty interest/techniques 

  • Phenotypic analysis
  • Human phenotype ontology
  • Data science

Career aspirations

To lead a clinical informatics research group collaborating internationally to integrate clinical data with genomic and functional data in order to generate an understanding of epilepsies that improves the prognostication, clinical trial design, and clinical decision-making for people with epilepsy.