Dr Mary Booth

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Dr Mary Booth.Cohort: 4
PhD start date:
September 2020


I graduated from the University of Leeds School of Medicine with honours in 2015.

My interest in academic medicine began during my second year when I was awarded an EXSEL@Leeds Research Scholarship. As an EXSEL Scholar, I enjoyed the opportunity to gain laboratory research experience, working in cancer pathology, alongside my medical studies.

I undertook an intercalated BSc in Molecular Medicine at the University of Leeds, graduating with first-class honours, and the prize for the highest-ranking student in my year.

Career aspirations

My career goal is to be an academic medical oncologist who, through research practice, significantly positively impacts on outcomes in gastric cancer.

During my Academic Foundation Programme and Academic Clinical Fellowship, both in West Yorkshire, I developed experience across pathology, biophysical, molecular and nanoparticle-based research areas. I am now a Medical Oncology Registrar in Yorkshire and the Humber.

I am excited by the rapidly expanding field of microbiome research, and my research is focussed on understanding the importance of the microbiome in gastric cancer.

Key collaborators

  • Professor Heike Grabsch
  • Professor Mark Travis
  • Dr Henry Wood
  • Professor Phil Quirke

Specialty interest/techniques

I am interested in the gastric microbiome and its role gastric cancer.

I wish to define the microbiome in gastric cancer, understand its role in local tumour immunology, and investigate mechanisms by which the microbiome may affect the behaviour of gastric cancer.