Professor Rachel Lennon

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Research profile and key clinical specialties

I am a Professor of Nephrology and Honorary Consultant Paediatric Nephrologist.

My basic science research is focused on understanding how the kidney filtration barrier is formed, maintained in health and altered in glomerular disease.

My research team is based at the Wellcome Trust centre for Cell-matrix Research in Manchester and we have expertise in global proteomic approaches coupled with ultrastructural imaging to interrogate key cell and matrix biology questions in cellular and animal models of kidney development and disease.

We have a particular focus on basement membrane disorders including Alport syndrome and seek to identify new therapeutic targets.

Two key publications

  • Identification of an Altered Matrix Signature in Kidney Aging and Disease. Randles M, Lausecker F, Kong Q, Suleiman H, Reid G, Kolatsi-Joannou M, Tian P, Falcone S, Davenport B, Potter P, Van Agtmael T, Norman J, Long D, Humphries M, Miner J, Lennon R. J Am Soc Nephrol. 2021 May. PMID: 34049963.
  • Kidney organoids: A system to study human basement membrane assembly in health and disease. Morais M, Tian P, Lawless C, Murtuza-Baker S, Hopkinson L, Woods S, Mironov A, Long DA, Gale D, Zorn T, Kimber S, Zent R, Lennon R. BioRxiv. doi:

Possible PhD projects

  • Investigating novel pathogenic variants in basement membrane genes identified in the 100,000 genomes project.
  • Defining mechanisms of basement membrane regulation

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Keywords: Nephrology, paediatric, genes, kidney, glomerular, proteomic, Alport syndrome,

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