Professor Andy Husband

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Andy HusbandEmail:

Research profile and key clinical specialties

My research focuses on safe and effective use of medicines.

Firstly, I am interested in polypharmacy, how it is defined in different patient groups and what links can be made between polypharmacy and adverse outcomes.

I am also interested in how we can safely stop medicines in these patient groups without adversely affecting clinical outcomes or patient wellbeing.

Lastly, I am interested in how support for safe and effective medicines use is influenced by ethnicity and sociodemographic deprivation and how we can design interventions to overcome these challenges.

Two key publications

  • Beezer J, Hatrushi M, Husband AK, Kurdi A, Forsyth P. Polypharmacy definition and prevalence in heart failure: a systematic review. Heart Failure Reviews. 2021.
  • Beezer J, Omoloso T, O’Neil H, Baxter J, Mayne D, McClure S, Oliver J, Wykro Z, Husband AK. Use of Frailsafe criteria to determine frailty syndrome in older persons admitted with decompensated HF. British Journal of Cardiology. 2019;26:63-66.

Possible PhD projects

  • What challenges and barriers do patients from minority ethnic communities experience in accessing support for medicines use in diabetes?

More information

I am currently Head of the School of Pharmacy at Newcastle University and am a member of the selection committee for NIHR Doctoral Research Fellowships (DRF).

Keywords: Polypharmacy, ethnicity, sociodemographic, deprivation, Andy, Husband, Newcastle