Professor Robert Bristow

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Research profile and key clinical specialties

My lab takes a multidisciplinary and multiomics approach to understanding prostate cancer progression and aggression.

Using primary human prostate cancer tissues, and in vitro models derived from the same in functional genomics studies, we explore the relationship between tumour hypoxia, DNA damage signalling and repair in tumours and the associated genomics of prostate cancer progression.

We are especially interested in the whole genomes, transcriptomes and proteomics of high-risk and oligometastatic prostate cancer and predicting cancer treatment response.

Two key publications

Possible PhD projects

  • Exploring the intersection between genetic instability and the tumour microenvironment (hypoxia, immune cells) and the role of germline or sporadic defects in DNA repair in prostate cancer aggression.

More information

I lead the Manchester Cancer Research Centre and am involved with CRUK PhD/MB-PhD training schemes and Chair the CRUK Clinical Trials Committee.

I also serve on MRC and Prostate Cancer UK grant panels.



Keywords: Prostate, cancer, tumour, genomics, oligometastatic, cells, CRUK, Robert, Bristow, Manchester