Dr Piruthivi Sukumar

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Piruthivi Sukumar.Email: P.Sukumar@leeds.ac.uk

Two key publications

  • Viswambharan H. et al,. Novel Paracrine Action of Endothelium enhances Glucose Uptake in Muscle and Fat. Circulation Research;129:720–734 (2021).
  • Deivasikamani, V. et al,. Piezo1 channel activation mimics high glucose as a stimulator of insulin Sci Rep 9, 16876 (2019).

Possible PhD projects

  • Cardiovascular consequences of single nuclear polymorphisms in novel mechanosensing ion channel Piezo1
  • Role of endothelial mechanosensory protein PIEZO1 in COVID-19 infection and pathogenicity

More information


Keywords: Ion, Insulin, ROS signalling, Obesity, Metabolic syndrome, Mechanosensing, Endothelial, PIEZO1, Piruthivi, Sukumar, Leeds.