Professor Ruth Wilcox

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Research profile and key clinical specialtiesProfessor Ruth Wilcox.

My research interests are in the development and evaluation of orthopaedic medical devices.

I lead a multidisciplinary research institute and our work covers a range of technologies, from ‘traditional’ joint replacements to tissue sparing and regenerative therapies for cartilage and intervertebral disc repair.

We use a combination of in vitro testing (including unique in vitro simulators which enable who artificial or natural joints to be tested over multiple loading cycles), 3D imaging and computational modelling to assess the performance of implants.

We work closely with industry and clinical colleagues.

Two key publications

  • Norbertczak HT, Ingham E, Fermor HL, Wilcox RK. 2020. Decellularised intervertebral discs: A potential replacement for degenerate human discs. Tissue Engineering Part C: Methods. 565-576,
  • Day GA, Jones AC, Wilcox RK. 2020. Optimizing computational methods of modeling vertebroplasty in experimentally augmented human lumbar vertebrae. JOR Spine. 3:e1077.

Possible PhD projects

Biomechanical evaluation of a range of therapies including intervertebral disc repair or replacement, cartilage augmentation and osteochondral grafting, meniscus replacement. 

More information


Keywords: orthopaedic, vertebroplasty devices, joint, regenerative, vitro simulators, computational modelling, Ruth, Wilcox, Leeds