Dr Yujiang Wang

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Yujiang WangEmail: yujiang.wang@ncl.ac.uk

Research profile and key clinical specialties

In our lab, we want to gain new perspectives and understanding in neurological conditions through quantitative, computational and mathematical methods.

Our primary focus is currently epilepsy, but we also have collaborators in a range of neurological of psychiatric conditions, and we are engaged with partners in new medical technologies and interventions.

Our lab members come from a colourful mix of backgrounds, ranging from computing, mathematics, statistics, and engineering to biology, psychology, neuroscience, and neurology.

Two key publications

  • Schroeder, G.M., Diehl, B., Chowdhury, F.A., Duncan, J.S., de Tisi, J., Trevelyan, A.J., Forsyth, R., Jackson, A. Taylor, P.N., Wang, Y., 2020, Seizure pathways change on circadian and slower timescales in individual patients with focal epilepsy. PNAS 117(20)
  • Taylor, P.N., Papasavvas, C.A., Owen, T., Schroeder, G.M., Hutchings, F.E., Chowdhury, F.A., Diehl, B., Duncan, J.S., McEvoy, A.W., Miserocchi, A., de Tisi, J., Vos, S.B., Walker, M.C., Wang, Y., 2021. Normative brain mapping of interictal intracranial EEG to localise epileptogenic tissue. Brain (in press, preprint: arxiv.org/abs/2105.04643)

Possible PhD projects

Possible projects involve the improvement of existing treatment approaches (such as better localisation of abnormalities in neurological conditions), or the development of new treatment strategies (such as closed-loop feedback to manage conditions with fluctuating symptoms).

More information

Projects will be held in collaboration with our clinical, experimental or engineering partners.

Also see our lab website for ongoing research and projects.

Keywords: neurologica, computational, mathematical, epilepsy, psychiatric, neuroscience, neurology, pathways, epileptogenic, Yujiang, Wang, Newcastle