Professor David Beech

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Research profile and key clinical specialties

David Beech is Professor of Cardiovascular Science at the University of Leeds, Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences, Wellcome Investigator and BHF PhD Programme Director.

His research interest is cellular calcium homeostasis and particularly the idea that mechanisms of calcium entry extend beyond voltage-gated calcium channels to other calcium-permeable channels, mediating responses to important chemical and mechanical stimuli. He led multiple complex projects with cardiologists, obstetricians and surgeons.

With his outstanding scientific and leadership capabilities, he continues to build on an already large volume of discoveries and intellectual property that motivates a new spinout company. 

Two key publications

  • Bartoli, F., et al., Beech, D.J. (2022). Endothelial Piezo1 sustains muscle capillary density and contributes to physical activity. Journal of Clinical Investigation Jan 13:e141775. doi: 10.1172/JCI141775.
  • Evans, E.L., et al., Beech, D.J. (2020). RBCs prevent rapid PIEZO1 inactivation and expose slow deactivation as a mechanism of Dehydrated Hereditary Stomatocytosis. Blood 136(1):140-144.

Possible PhD projects

  • Calcium homeostasis in heart disease.
  • Force sensing in fetal growth restriction.
  • Force sensing in liver resection.
  • Force sensing in the health benefits of physical exercise.

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Keywords: Cardiovascular, heart, calcium homeostasis, voltage-gated, Stomatocytosis, Dehydrated Hereditary, Fetal, Liver, David, Beech, Leeds