Professor Sarah Rowland-Jones

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Research profile and key clinical specialties

I am a clinician scientist, with an honorary consultant contract in infectious diseases and a strong commitment to global health research.

We focus on how the immune response contributes to clinical outcomes in patient cohorts with HIV-1 exposure or infection, and investigate why a high proportion of HIV-2-infected people in W. Africa naturally control viral replication.

Currently we are working closely with researchers in Harare, Zimbabwe, to understand the mechanisms leading to the comorbidities seen in older children and adolescents who have survived perinatal HIV-1 infection (PHIV): this includes laboratory studies as part of a clinical trial of Vitamin D in PHIV infection (Vitality), aiming to improve bone growth and muscle strength.

Two key publications

  • Yindom, L-M., Simms, V., Majonga, E., McHugh, G., Duaya, E., Bandason, T., Vincon, H., Rylance, J., Munyati, S., Ferrand, R.A. and Rowland-Jones, S.L. Unexpectedly high prevalence of CMV DNA-aemia in older children and adolescents with perinatally-acquired HIV infection: associations with stunting and abnormal lung function Clinical Infectious Diseases (2019) 69: 580-587.
  • Alrubayyi, A., Gea-Mallorquí E, Touizer, E., Hameiri-Bowen, D., Kopycinski J, Charlton B, Fisher-Pearson, N., Muir, L., Rosa, A., Roustan, C., Earl, C., Cherepanov, P., Pellegrino, P., Waters, L., Burns, F., Kinloch, S., Dong, T., Dorrell, L., Rowland-Jones, S.L., McCoy, L.E. and Peppa, D. Characterization of humoral and SARS-CoV-2 specific T cell responses in people living with HIV Nature Communications (2021) 12: 5839

Possible PhD projects

  • Contribution of CMV co-infection to comorbidities in PHIV infection
  • What mechanisms lead to immune control of HIV-2 infection?



Keywords: Infectious, diseases, clinical, outcomes, HIV-1, HIV-2, comorbidities, Vitamin D, lung, SARS-COV-2, Sarah, Rowland-Jones, Sheffield