Dr Simon Bell

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Dr Simon Bell.


I trained at Bristol University where I intercalated in a degree in neuroscience. I performed junior doctor rotations in Gloucester, Bristol, Leeds and Brisbane Australia.

I have worked in Sheffield for the last 4 years where I have developed an interest in neurodegeneration, and in particular Alzheimer’s disease. My research focuses around trying to understand the role of the astrocyte has in synapse formation, and if this process is impaired in Alzheimer’s disease.

While in Sheffield I have gained an NIHR Clinical Fellowship and an Alzheimer Research UK Clinical Preparatory Fellowship to investigate the role of astrocytes in Alzheimer’s disease.

PhD title

Characterising astrocyte metabolic deficits in sporadic and familial AD to identify new therapeutic targets.

Brief summary of PhD project

I am interested in finding new ways to model Alzheimer’s disease by combining data from the clinical and basic science worlds, with the ultimate aim of developing a treatment for the disease.


  • Prof Dame Pamela Shaw (University of Sheffield)
  • Dr Heather Mortiboys (University of Sheffield)
  • Dr Laura Ferraiuolo (University of Sheffield)
  • Dr Daniel Blackburn (University of Sheffield)
  • Prof Steven Wharton (University of Sheffield)

Published papers

  • Bell, S. M., et al (2018). “Ursodeoxycholic Acid Improves Mitochondrial Function and Redistributes Drp1 in Fibroblasts from Patients with Either Sporadic or Familial Alzheimer’s Disease.” J Mol Biol 430(21): 3942-3953.

Grants awarded:

  •  Alzheimer Research UK Small Project Grant £4,000 (Awarded January 2019)
  •  Sheffield BRC NIHR Consumables Grand £10,000 (Awarded December 2018)

Presentations: scientific 

  • Association of British Neurologists Cognitive Specialist Interest Group: Oral presentation, London Feb 2019
  • Sheffield Medical School Conference: Oral Presentation, Sheffield, May 2018
  • ARUK regional Conference: Poster Presentation, Bradford, June 2018

Presentations: patient and public involvement 

  • Dementia Futures Conference: Oral presentation, June 2018, Won Oral Presentation Prize

New collaborations

  • Dr Clare Garwood, ARUK Junior Fellow, Sheffield University