Professor David Jayne

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Research profile and key clinical specialties

David Jayne is Professor of Surgery at the University of Leeds and consultant general surgeon at St. James’s University Hospital, Leeds.

His clinical interests include laparoscopic and minimal access surgery with the application of fluorescent image guided technologies for stratified cancer surgery.

His research portfolio includes close collaborations with the physical sciences to develop novel engineering and nanotechnology solutions to facilitate cancer surgery.

In 2012 he was awarded an NIHR Research Professorship to facilitate the translation of new technologies into clinical practice. This complements his role as Clinical Director for the NIHR Healthcare Cooperative in Colorectal Therapies, developing a national network of clinicians, academics, industry partners, and patient and public representatives to develop new solutions to unmet clinical need.

He is Chief Investigator for 5 NIHR portfolio clinical trials, including the pan-World ROLARR trial evaluating robotic rectal cancer surgery.

He is passionate about applying the knowledge gained from basic and translational research to develop more effective treatments for patients suffering from colorectal disease.

Two key publications

  • Tiernan, J. P., Ingram, N., Marston, G., Perry, S. L., Rushworth, J. V., Coletta, P. L., Jayne, D. G., Hughes, T. A. (2015). CEA-targeted nanoparticles allow specific in vivo fluorescent imaging of colorectal cancer models.. Nanomedicine, 1-9. doi:10.2217/NNM.14.202
  • Brown, S. R., Mathew, R., Keding, A., Marshall, H. C., Brown, J. M., & Jayne, D. G. (2014). The Impact of Postoperative Complications on Long-term Quality of Life After Curative Colorectal Cancer Surgery. Ann Surg, 259(5), 916-923.

Possible PhD projects

  • The development and early clinical translation of fluorescent molecular probes for image-guided surgery.

More information

Deputy academic training programme director for Y&H academic surgical careers programme.


Keywords: laparoscopic, fluorescent, nanotechnology, colorectal, ROLARR, NIHR, nanoparticles, David, Jayne, Leeds