Academy Fellows

Dr Bayanne Olabi

Dr Bayanne Olabi Image


Cohort: 4

PhD Start Date: 10/2020

My proposed research aims to dissect the mechanisms driving inflammatory skin diseases using spatial genomics methods in order to improve diagnosis, molecular classification and guide treatment strategies. Spatial genomics profiling will allow us to simultaneously visualise cells in their microenvironment as well as their gene expression signatures, further understanding their role and behaviour in situ. My research will focus on atopic eczema and psoriasis and complement the ongoing research in Prof Haniffa’s lab and the Human Cell Atlas initiative ( to map all the cells in the human body.

Key Collaborators/Supervisors:

 Prof Muzlifah Haniffa

Dr Sarah Teichmann

Dr Ruth Murphy

Specialty interest/techniques: Inflammatory skin disease, Immunology & Spatial transcriptomics

Career Aspirations: Clinician scientist investigating dermatological disease using advanced scientific technology to translate findings to progress clinical management

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