Selection Criteria

Eligibility & Funding

Who should apply?

  • We welcome applications from actively practicing healthcare professionals from all clinical areas including Nursing, Midwifery, Allied Healthcare Professions, Pharmacy and Healthcare Sciences, those in veterinary medicine, dental and medical specialties. 

  • The maximum award available for each fellowship is capped (current salary/ registration fees & reasonable running costs).

  • You may have previously undertaken published research, written up case reports, and / or undertaken research as part of your degree.

  • Your research must be within the Wellcome research remit.


  • Those who secure a place on the PhD programme will become ‘4Ward North PhD fellows’, a prestigious marker of esteem for a future career combining research with clinical practice.

  • Fellowship funding covers your current salary/ registration fees & reasonable running costs.

        In addition, our successful awardees will receive:

  • a comprehensive training programme with leading clinical academics and bespoke mentoring; a personalised training plan with one of the local Programme Directors;

  • and, towards the end of the PhD, an opportunity to compete for our ‘Leading Scholars’ Programme’ in collaboration with the FCI which offers 12-months research immediately after the PhD to pump-prime postdoctoral clinical career development applications.

Selection Criteria

In stage 1 the Academy is looking for individuals who have:

  • demonstrated a clear commitment to building a clinical academic career based on their achievements and outputs from their structured CV.

  • demonstrated a vision for how a 4Ward North funded PhD fellowship will support their ambitions to become a senior clinical academic in the letter of intent.

In stage 2 the Academy will judge applications for fellowships based on:

  • the quality of the proposals submitted. This will include the importance of the research question, its novelty and its translational impact. The science is expected to be of an excellent quality and the training offered to be first class.

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