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4Ward North Clinical PhD Academy

How to identify a supervisor

Following stage 1. approximately 20 individuals will be invited to join the Academy and work with strong mentorship and close engagement with our supervisors to develop very high quality fellowship applications for submission to stage 2.

You can find out about the possible PhD projects within our Wellcome PhD Supervisor Booklet.

Our pool of supervisors is drawn from our four institutions and offers a wide spectrum of possible PhD projects.  

We are aware that many clinical trainees have established mentorship and guidance and/or developed productive research links with a number of high quality researchers beyond our supervisor pool. We are still very keen that you apply for this scheme and, if successful at Stage 1, we will advise you on how to develop your project that hopefully builds productively on your past experience and your aspirations.

Identifying a Supervisor

The research interests of our core supervisor team can be found in the here.



Latest Update

Keynote Speaker at the 4ward North Fellows Event

Professor Simon Boulton, Senior Group Leader at the Francis Crick Institute gave the keynote lecture at the 4ward North Fellows meeting on the 15 December 2017 in Leeds.  The lecture formed part of a larger event for our 4ward North Academy Fellows aimed to help them develop their PhD fellowship applications.

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