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4Ward North Clinical PhD Academy

After Your PhD

Follow-on Bursary

On completion of your PhD, you will be awarded a £2K bursary for 3 years for flexible training and meeting attendance. The aim of this is to encourage on-going mentorship beyond the PhD. 

Leading Scholars’ Programme at the Francis Crick Institute:

To support our very best, during Year 4 we will launch our Leading Scholars’ Programme feeding straight into the postdoctoral period.

This will fund three fellows during the course of the programme for a 12-month placement directly after the PhD at the FCI (accommodation in Perrin House) but not precluding other internationally leading institutions.

We have existing experience of a pilot International Scholars’ Programme.

After PhD

Pull through to postdoctoral research (WT-CCDF) via:

  • Leading Scholars Programme
  • Flexible Fund
  • Annual Bursary

ie. ongoing training plan, ongoing guidance, ongoing assessment.

Latest Update

Outcomes of Phase 1 Applications are announced

4ward North received 63 high calibre applications for the Academy of which 27 were successfully accepted on to Phase I of the programme.

These successful applicants gathered on the 12th December 2016 at the Academy Launch event in Leeds where they were able to meet with prospective supervisors.

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