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4Ward North Clinical PhD Academy

After Your PhD

Follow-on Bursary

On completion of your PhD, you will be awarded a £2K bursary for 3 years for flexible training and meeting attendance. The aim of this is to encourage on-going mentorship beyond the PhD. 

Leading Scholars’ Programme at the Francis Crick Institute:

To support our very best, during Year 4 we will launch our Leading Scholars’ Programme feeding straight into the postdoctoral period.

This will fund three fellows during the course of the programme for a 12-month placement directly after the PhD at the FCI (accommodation in Perrin House) but not precluding other internationally leading institutions.

We have existing experience of a pilot International Scholars’ Programme.

After PhD

Pull through to postdoctoral research (WT-CCDF) via:

  • Leading Scholars Programme
  • Flexible Fund
  • Annual Bursary

ie. ongoing training plan, ongoing guidance, ongoing assessment.

Latest Update

Keynote Speaker at the 4ward North Fellows Event

Professor Simon Boulton, Senior Group Leader at the Francis Crick Institute gave the keynote lecture at the 4ward North Fellows meeting on the 15 December 2017 in Leeds.  The lecture formed part of a larger event for our 4ward North Academy Fellows aimed to help them develop their PhD fellowship applications.

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