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4Ward North Clinical PhD Academy

Application Process

How do I apply?

Our scheme is unique in that we want to help more than the 5 people who are awarded our Wellcome Clinical PhD Fellowships.  Our application process is therefore split into two phases.

Round 2 of the 4ward North Clinical PhD Programme is now open. The two stage application process is outlined below.  

Stage 1:   Recruitment of 4Ward North Academy Cohort of Trainees

Deadline:  23 October 2017 (9AM)

  • 20 applicants will be selected based on their CV and short vision statement of why they want to undertake doctoral research training.
  • Once selected, the 20 trainees will work-up a cutting-edge PhD proposal with our pool of leading supervisors who, along with the Academy Directors, will advise and guide them on building a project culminating in an application to Stage 2.

Stage 2:   Wellcome Clinical PhD Fellows

Deadline:  5 February 2018

  • All of our trainees from Stage 1 will submit an application for one of our five available Wellcome Clinical PhD Fellowships. Approximately 10 candidates will be shortlisted for interview. Successful fellows will start their PhD programme between 1st August - 1st October 2018  

Those successful at Stage 1 but not Stage 2 will be extensively supported and mentored through the application process to other funders. The Academy can support all clinical specialties across the breadth of the 4 Universities.

Application Form

Stage 1 Application Form is available here.  Please  send completed application forms to N4Leeds@leeds.ac.uk.  All applications should be in PDF format. 


Selection Criteria

Applicants should consider the range of expertise available across the 4 Universities involved in the Academy and attempt to maximise the opportunity that this provides in developing their project and their supervisory team.

Latest Update

Keynote Speaker at the Launch of Round 2 Event

The launch of Round 2 of the 4ward North Clinical PhD Programme is taking place in Manchester on the 21st September and we are thrilled to announce that Professor Sir Peter Ratcliffe, Clinical Director at The Francis Crick Institute, is confirmed as our Keynote speaker at the event.  

Registration to the event is mandatory.  To register, please visit: https://4wardnorthround2launch.eventbrite.co.uk 

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